Download Long Tail Pro Platinum 3.1.8 Free

Long Tail Pro Platinum can be used to discover thousands of profitable, targeted keywords, also helps in calculating Keyword Competitiveness for almost any niche.

Long Tail Pro Platinum Features:

  • Score Keyword Competitiveness
  • Custom Difficulty Targets
  • Determine Metrics
  • Calculate Keyword Profitability
  • Sort & Track
  • Export Results
  • Real-time Filtering
  • Adwords Data

long tail pro platinum


1. First, remove the older version, make sure delete the leftover registries and files.

2. Goto C:\Users\YOURPCUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming
In the end of Roaming folder, you will see files like

Delete them, also delete the folder of LTP in roaming folder.

3. Now use the provided LTP.


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